Introduction to the the Course

Course Structure

This Course Consists of 4 Modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Core Barefoot Tools
  • Module 2: Mind Mapping
  • Module 3: PMI
  • Module 4: OPV

Each Module consists of a PowerPoint presentation with audio, a Module Handout Pack, and a Module Worksheet. Please work through the Modules in the order presented on the LMS.

Core Barefoot Tools Webinar

The Course is accompanied by a Core Barefoot Tools Webinar which provides an opportunity to engage with the course Tutors and other participants in a lively 90 minute session that will consist of a number of break-out sessions and Q&A.

Four Webinar options are offered per year. You will find more details on the Dates and Webinar outline later in this course.

If you have any problems, please contact [email protected].

Now, please watch The Course Introduction Video before continuing with the learning materials.

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